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Jinghan's tenet "Heating Ventilation"

Shenyang Jinghan Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD, formerly known as Shenyang Shenfei Machinery Equipment Factory, has modern scientific research and manufacturing equipment and professional service team, providing with energy selection, engineering design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, energy-saving operation and maintenance services integrated heating energy saving services. 

"Scientific and technological innovation, win-win cooperation" is the business philosophy that the company has been obedience to. With dedicated attitude and exquisite technology, the company meets customers' demands for heating and energy saving, reduces enterprise costs, and is widely praised by customers. 

Jinghan people through continuous efforts to explore, positive innovation, with a focused attitude and superb technology
To meet the needs of customers for heating and energy saving,
In order to build a friendly and sustainable production and living environment with customers,
Practice the value idea of green mountains and clear waters together!

Our company is committed to r&d tall space heating equipment, for solving tall and large space heating temperature gradient, the company is on the depth of cooperation with the Chinese aviation design institute, architectural design institute of Jilin province, Jilin province construction science research institute academy in product research and development, set up the MASTER STUDIO by national heating and ventilation master Luo Jijie, Xiao Wu and Chu Yi, to give technical support to the product development. The company has successfully manufactured the lateral air supply type tall space heating (air conditioning) equipment with complete intellectual property rights and patents, and participated in the compilation of "Selection and Installation of Tall Space Heating (air conditioning) Equipment -- Lateral Air Supply Type" national building standard design atlas has been officially issued in November 2019.

National Standard Design Atlas