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Air China Shenfei Civil aircraft Co., Ltd. Heating investment operation project 


Air China Shenfei Civil aircraft Co., Ltd.  Heating investment operation project  Air China Shenfei Civil aircraft Co., Ltd.  A01 plant, Construction area of 20,000㎡, 18 m higher, Steam heating, End equipment is steel pipe radiator, heater, air curtain and so on. The leakage of equipment and pipes is serious, Cause a lot of energy waste. After transformation, 65℃ water supply, Backwater temperature 50℃, Average indoor temperature above 19℃, Meet indoor target temperature requirements, The energy saving rate is as high as 40% or more.
Southern Airlines Changchun Longjia hangar project renovation project



Southern Airlines Changchun Longjia hangar (4800 square meters, 24.6 meters high, The hangar doors are 74 metres wide and 20 metres high ), Is a typical ultra-wide gate steel structure tall space factory building. Before the transformation, American CRV gas radiation heating, Heating temperature in winter (the coldest days of winter) is less than 5℃, The surface temperature ≤5℃, The ceiling temperature ≥105℃, As soon as the gate opens, Indoor temperature recovery takes 24 hours, The hangar is almost out of production every winter. The annual heating operation cost of gas radiation is about 2.64 million yuan. After equipment modification, Realize water supply temperature 45℃, backwater temperature 30℃, heating temperature 20℃, temperature gradient ±1℃, Annual heating costs 530000 yuan, The problem of upper and lower temperature gradient in the hangar is solved successfully.
CAAC Jilin Aviation Maintenance Co., Ltd. hangar project renovation


  Jihang hangar project, hangar length 60 m, wide 48 m, hangar height 20 m, heating area is about 2880 square meters. The heating system designed by Jinghan is an automatic operation mode. The project is transformed from traditional steam heating to water heating.Automatically adjust the heating mode according to the situation in the hangar, the heating process is related to the gate and aircraft entering and leaving the hangar. Water supply temperature 45-50℃, backwater 40℃, plant temperature 18±1℃ range, energy saving effect is obvious. The cost of heating can be saved by 40% per year.
Jilin Hongxing Rail Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd. plant heating project

The heating project of the special process workshop for Rail cars aluminum profile welding of Jilin Hongxing Rail vehicle equipment Co., Ltd. is designed and installed by our company. The water supply temperature is 50℃, the backwater temperature is 40℃, and the indoor heating temperature reaches 20℃. Meet the contract heating target temperature.
Volkswagen Jivin Auto Parts Processing Base

Building 18.8 meters high ,218 meters long ,150 meters wide 32700㎡ steel structure, Is a typical tall space building. Heating requires 12℃, Temperature gradient ±1℃, Operating in a stable temperature for nearly 4 years, Operating cost (coal burning)32 yuan /㎡. Passed [Tsinghua University School of Architecture] Temperature Gradient Test in 2018, It lays the foundation for entering the national architectural standard design atlas.
Reconstruction Project of Dalian Zhoushuizi hangar of Southern Airlines


Southern Airlines Dalian Zhoushuizi hangar (building area of 3800 square meters ,22 meters high gate wide is 66 meters ,18 meters high), is a steel structure tall space factory building. Before the renovation, the heating temperature of the hangar in winter is less than 5℃, and the annual heating cost is more than 900000 yuan. After transformation, the heating temperature of the hangar is more than 16℃, annual heating operation cost is 580000 yuan.
Shanxi Eastern Airlines hangar reconstruction project 


Shanxi Eastern Airlines hangar heating project,hangar maintenance hall 60 m long, wide 50 m, indoor ceiling height 18 m,heating area is about 3000㎡. Meanwhile, The hangar roof, wall insulation material is thin, poor insulation performance. 

The original hangar uses traditional radiators,the water supply temperature is 60℃, the backwater temperature is 50℃, The heating temperature for many years is 3~5℃. After transformation,operating temperature is above 22℃ ,and does not increase the operating cost.
China Armament Group —— An Automobile Parts Processing Base

China Armament Group ——An Automobile Parts Processing Base,the building area is 20000 square meters ,18 meters high steel structure tall space factory building, using water source heat pump to complete heating, refrigeration integrated design, construction. The indoor heating temperature is more than 18℃ in winter and indoor refrigeration temperature below 26℃ in summer. The actual operation results meet the needs of users, the heating and refrigeration indexes are superior to the design standards, and a lot of energy is saved at the same time.
Jilin Haoyu Factory buildings


Jilin Haoyu electrical Co., Ltd- Factory buildings heating project. It includes heating boiler room, boiler, heating equipment and pipe installation. The project was completed in 34 days from the beginning of design to completion.

The forging plant is 28 meters high and 34000 square meters . The indoor temperature is more than 16℃, the heat load is 240 W/㎡, and the design heat load is 120 W/㎡.

Steel structure machine plant is 36000 square meters ,18 meters high. Thermal load :165 W/㎡, indoor temperature is above 16℃, design working heat load is 85 W/㎡.

Coal combustion heat is 4500 calories,450 yuan per ton hour,the annual coal consumption is about 2000 tons, and the average heating cost is 12.8 yuan / square meter.
Baicheng ZhenLai Transformer Co., Lt plant renovation project



Baicheng ZhenLai Transformer Co., Lt plant , steel structure factory building is 65000㎡, the height is 36 m, the temperature reaches ≥16℃±1℃, the total cost of coal and electricity used in the whole year is 1.1 million yuan, and the heating cost per square meter is 17 yuan (about 65 yuan of conventional factory building).